Richard Kessler
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kessler currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Landbridge Group. Mr. Kessler is the President of the company's equipment division Landbridge Intermodal Equipment Sales, Inc. and the managing member of its project management group. 

Landbridge Intermodal is a major supplier of Intermodal equipment to export and transportation companies. Landbridge markets a very diverse product line that includes all types of equipment used in the intermodal industry. Mr. Kessler started working in the transportation industry after separation from the military. He started in the heavy truck parts industry and in 1972 was one of the first people to market used ocean containers for other than shipping use. 

Over the years Mr. Kessler has be instrumental in developing transportation projects for large corporations including Tully Construction, Inc., General Electric Corp. Yang Ming Lines, International Terminal Operators. Mr. Kessler developed and built chassis conversion kits for several steamship companies. In the mid 1990's Mr. Kessler helped to develop the first modified ocean containers converted into live floors for a MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) hauler, which were used in replacement of live load trailers that hauled MSW from New Jersey to Pennsylvania landfills. Since 1995 Mr. Kessler has helped manufacturers of ocean containers design waste specific containers for truck-rail transport. These units have watertight doors and removable steel lids. 

Mr. Kessler is a New Jersey native and attended Virginia Commonwealth University and served in the US Army from 1967 through 1970 and completed a tour of duty in Viet Nam.


Andrew Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman currently serves as President of Landbridge Group and acts as Managing Member of two of Landbridges operating partnerships; Landbridge Materials, LLC and Suffolk and Southern Railroad, LLC.. Landbridge Materials manages the day to day operations of Empire Asphalt, LLC while Suffolk and Southern is developing a freight rail terminal in eastern Long Island.

Mr. Kaufman was C.E.O. of E-Rail Logistics, LLC and oversaw its day-to-day operations. Prior to starting E-Rail Logistics, Mr. Kaufman was CEO of Principal Energy, which is engaged in the development of waste to energy technology. Mr. Kaufman manages the commercialization and project development of this and other synergistic technologies. From 1991-2001, Mr. Kaufman was co-founder and President of Pencor, Inc., a technology development company which advanced environmental technologies from the research stage to commercialization. During this time frame, Pencor acted as General partner of Pencor Biofine, which developed a technology for the conversion of biomass into Levulinic acid, a chemical used in the manufacture of renewable fuels. 

Mr. Kaufman was co-recipient of the Presidential Green Chemistry award for his work in developing the process for the manufacture of Levulinic Acid from waste. Prior to its work on Levulinic Acid, Pencor was the general partner of Hagerstown Fiber, L.P. which developed a $241million waste paper recycling facility designed to produce 450 tons per day of printing and writing grade pulp under contract to International Paper. 

From 1988 – 1990, Mr. Kaufman was President of Medical Waste Associates, which developed a regional facility for the disposal of bio-hazardous waste for the Maryland Hospital Association. Prior to this position, Mr. Kaufman had various positions primarily in the residential and commercial real estate development areas. Mr. Kaufman attended Emory University and Long Island University.